Understand what matters.

Know what motivates applicants when making the biggest decision of their life. The University/College Applicant Study (UCAS) will show your gaps – from your marketing, to recruiting, to student communications – and how to improve to drive growth.


Plan for growth.

Better strategic decisions start with better data. Learn how UCAS helps you make better decisions to shape your enrolment strategy and plan for the future.

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We’ve outperformed the market by 10% per year using the data Academica provided us. If you’re not using UCAS you’re crazy.
— Chris Mercer, Executive Director, Laurentian University

 University/College Applicant Survey results will let you:

take action quickly

UCAS provides data that is specific to your applicants and institution, so you can identify and act on what matters most.

make better decisions

Understand your applicants, so you can make accurate, impactful decisions to increase enrolment and focus your efforts.

SEE the whole picture

Custom reports that compare applicant information across your institution and your top competitors.

Understanding your applicants is just the beginning:


Competitive intel  

Gather competitive intelligence on five competitor institutions, including applicant profile and behaviours.


Marketing efforts 

Leverage research data to ensure your marketing and recruitment efforts are reaching your audience.


Industry overview

Know what the trends and gaps are for the entire industry to better benchmark your future growth strategy.


Brand perception

Get an understanding of how applicants view your brand and your closest competitors.

Predict future growth and enrolment.

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