Get a better understanding of your applicants


Academica's University/College Applicant Study (UCAS) is broken down into four major categories: Applicant ProfileMarketing EffortsKey Decision Factors, and Brand Perceptions. In all, 340 data points are measured, making UCAS incredibly comprehensive.

Applicant Profile

  • Basic Demographics
  • Socio-Economic Characteristics
  • Educational Profile
  • Subject Area
  • Planned Living Arrangements

Marketing Efforts

  • Word of mouth
  • Web
  • Print
  • Recruitment

Key Decision Factors

  • Decision-Making Process
  • 48 Key Decision Factors with your institution compared to your closest competition.

Brand Perception Attribute Rankings

  • Applicants to your institution rate seven brand attributes for your institution and your closest competitors: Affordability, Excellence, Innovation, Research, Social Life, Teaching and Tradition.

All demographic and education background information is presented so it is easily compared across key segments: all applicants to your institution, your first-choice applicants, and your non first-choice applicants.

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