100+ institutions make Academica's Applicant Declined Study their competitive advantage, including:


Increase applicant conversion rates.

Getting applicants in the first place is expensive and time consuming, but it’s only the first step. Applicant Declined Study (ADS) helps you understand why applicants aren’t accepting their offers so you can drive more growth.


What matters most?

What factors had the most impact on the decision of your applicants? Why did they choose to accept other offers? ADS creates a ranked index of factors to help you understand what matters most to applicants.

UCAS gives us valuable insights into the things that are most important to our applicants and the information allows us to make decisions about recruitment with confidence.
— Kellie Meacher, Communication Manager, University Registrar-Admissions, Queen's University

Academica's Applicant Declined Study is:


You receive a detailed report that makes it easy to identify and act on what matters most. 


We work with you to survey your applicants. Data from ADS is specific to your institution.


Measuring over 50 factors, ADS gives you the whole picture. 

The process:

1. Get in touch

We'll get the process started and get to know each other.


2. Discovery

We'll work with you to nail down details and customize ADS based on your market.


3. Deployment

We host the survey and help you send an email to your applicants.


4. Results

We'll crunch the numbers, deliver your report and help you make better decisions.

Increasing applicant conversion starts here.

Get more information on ADS and how it can help you make better decisions. Our promise: no high-pressure sales tactics, just an honest conversation about how we can help.

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